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When we purchased our home 5 years ago, it came with two blueberry bushes and a gigantic garden.   Any one with half a mind for gardening would have been tickled pink.  As an eater of massive amounts of veggies, I thought of all the delicious fresh produce I could get out of that garden.  Problem is, I am not a gardener.  Actually, I have a bit of a black thumb. Almost everything green I touch seems to wither and die.  I’m not sure if it is over care of under care – too much water, not enough water – too much sun, planted in the shade – I am sure a real gardener would be able to tell you.  I just know everything green around me tends to die if I touch it.  I am like the Goldfinger of gardening, except, a Blackfinger. Oddly, it doesn’t translate to weeds.

So the garden became overgrown with 3 inch trees and weeds that are taller than I am.  Now I did have intentions of cleaning it out this spring and making an attempt at growing my own produce, but other priorities kept getting in the way (having a “To Do” list that is two columns in width and typed in 8pt font will do that).  Luckily for us, blueberries don’t require much maintenance.  Actually none.  I just walked out one day and there was green little balls and as of last week, they turned blue.  Sweeeeet.  That is the kind of gardening I like.

Now I may not be able to garden, but I most certainly can pick blueberries.  I used to go with my dad every year in August in Pennsylvania and pick 5 gallon buckets full of wild blueberries that grew in the mountains.  My mom and grandmother would make the most delicious pies (albeit a bit runny from lack of flour – but shhh!  I didn’t say that!).  So pick I did and I came back with – a quart.  Yes.  Just a quart.  Of which my 5 year old daughter ate half.  But it was a quart of delicious blueberries grown in our own garden.  I may not be able to make a pie with the remaining half quart – but maybe a smoothie.

Here is my favorite blueberry smoothie based on an Ani Phyo recipe:

Blueberry Smoothie

1 cup frozen blueberries
1.5 cups water (or enough to cover berries)
2-3 pitted medjool dates
1/2 whole vanilla bean
1/4 cup raw cashews
3 ice cubes

Blend and serve!

Blueberry Bush