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Sunday Snaps

Sundays in the fall are supposed to be dedicated to football and beer; unfortunately for us our Steelers game wasn’t on cable (they still won – yeaa).  So I grabbed my camera and the nearest model (which just so happened to be my fiancees daughter) and headed out to the back yard for some pseudo candid snaps.  What is pseudo-candid?  Well, that is where you get the model to pose and as they get bored waiting for you to take the picture they look off or do something like play with their hair and THAT is the pic you snap.  Even though my model thought I was torturing her by making her sit where the zipper spiders usually hang out, I think we got some some nice pics ;o)

Smoke Break



Senior Girl

Senior Girl






Senior Relaxing

Smoke Break



Urban Teen Shoot

I love photographing teens and seniors.  Their shoots always end up being more of a fashion shoot…and fashion shoots just ROCK!

Back in November we donated several gift certificates to charity auctions and the “M” Family was the recipient of one of these winning auctions.  They gave us a call and said they wanted to book an urban teen shoot for their daughter.   So I took them to the coolest place I knew in Charlotte for urban pictures.  Miss Claire was the perfect model with her high cheekbones and bubbly demeanor.  We think in some pictures she actually looks like Donald Trump’s daughter, Ivanka (only with dark hair). She is simply gorgeous!  But don’t take my word for it…see for yourself!

Allow me to introduce: the lovely Miss Claire.

(click on the pics for a larger version)