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Wedding Album and DVDs

Our latest wedding album and dvds:



Best Destination Wedding Pictures From Tasmania

These are a few of my favorite destination wedding portraits from Briony + Mark’s wedding at Avalon in Swansea, Tasmania.

Environmental Portraiture at its Best

Environmental portraiture is a portrait of a person in their working environment, in their natural surroundings.  For example: a cook in his kitchen, an interior decorator in a living room they designed, a welder in their shop, or as depicted here a cinematographer in the field.  Traditional portraiture has the subject looking directly in the camera; however some people prefer the more voyeuristic candid portrait.  It really depends on the use of the photo and the subjects preference.  Either way, environmental portraits speak volumes over traditional headshots on a paper background so consider going this route for your next portrait.

Briony + Mark

Briony + Mark

Swansea, Tasmania

We had the honor of photographing and documenting Briony and Mark’s destination wedding at the Avalon Coastal Retreat in gorgeous Swansea, Tasmania.  Words cannot express the beauty of Swansea that could only be complimented by the intimate and emotional ceremony of this great couple.  The day started off rainy with dark clouds and a stormy sea, which did nothing to dampen the mood of the bride whom we spent the morning with while she had her hair and makeup done.  But by the time she walked down the “aisle”, the sun started to peek out and by the time they were pronounced man and wife, a rainbow appeared…a testament to their life and love for each other.

Watch the highlight film here!

G’Day Mate!

GUILDBROOK STUDIOS is happy to announce that our next International destination wedding is officially AUSTRALIA!!!

We have been commissioned to capture the wedding of Briony and Mark in the land down under in February.  Follow us as we fly into Melbourne for a few days, then on to the gorgeous beaches of Hobart, Tasmania.  We will post daily updates and pictures on our blog so be sure to subscribe to our RSS Feed or email list!

So “Hiiiiide your kangaroos!  Hiiiide your wallabies!  Cuz we are comin to AUSTRALIA!”

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