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Arri Lights ROCK!

This past week we were out and about doing some commercial video work for a local company who manufactures pool safety equipment. We showed up to do the shoot, and found out the shoot was to be held in a dark, unlit warehouse. Not good.

Having no continuous lights (tons of strobes, reflectors, and off camera flash -but no continuous video lights), we pretty much scrambled for anything we could find. Luckily there was another photog nearby who loaned us some lights.

Not a situation we want to be in or ever want to be in again so we went on the hunt for some cinematography lights. First stop: Barbizon in Charlotte (which ended up being our last stop as well because they are pretty much awesome. Read on).

We got hooked up with an awesome and completely knowledgeable sales rep who totally hooked us up. It just so happened they had an Arri 5 light kit that had been discontinued and they were willing to cut us an awesome deal.

Those familiar with the world of cinematography know the brand Arri and know they pretty much rock with their continuous hot lights. A couple hours later, we walked out two very happy customers with some totally awesome Arri lights and all the trimmings (barn doors, scrims, diffusers, soft box, stands…you name it).

So Guildbrook Studios pretty much has everything now for any photog or videog/cinematog shoot you can imagine. We rock.