We arrived in Tasmania on Friday around 10am at one of the biggest airports… and we had to walk across the tarmac if that tells you anything about the island.  It is rustic and untouched and absolutely perfect.  We drove from the airport along the coast and stopped in at a random bed and breakfast for some coffee and brekkie where we had the  most delicious food and coffee I had ever eaten:  a cappuccino (with soy for me…surprisingly everyone has soy milk around here) and eggs and smoked salmon with capers on a croissant (and this particular B&B had homemade gluten-free toast for me. Yes. In the middle of nowhere they still catered to dairy and gluten free people. I am still amazed).  All of the food here is freshly grown and cooked to order.  The B&B was a little Georgia-style farm house built in the early 1800s.  It was gorgeous.  Definitely a diamond in the rough. We haven’t seen a fast food joint or a Wal-Mart or anything of the sort, thankfully. But we did see a cool guy in a kilt, and Jaime had to check him out.

We then drove down the coast.  Fields and scenery are a combination of different places in the US that I have visited:  a little bit of Wyoming, a little bit of Pennsylvania, a little North Carolina and Vermont.  And maybe a little African savanna thrown in. All the roads are lined with barbed-wire fences keeping in little sheepie things.  I have yet to get a good picture of them.  I am debating if I will get arrested jumping the fence for a photo.  They are very protective of the environment here and there are no advertisements or billboards lining the road.  The coast line is uncluttered by condos and beachfront properties, and the gorgeous white sand beaches are completely untouched and often uninhabited by anyone.

We passed a nature preserve along the way and stopped in to feed the kangaroos and wallabies.  We played with koalas and tasmanian devils and wombats.  The kangaroos were very excited to see Jeremy.

The wedding we photographed was Saturday morning (yesterday to us).  We woke up to a torrential downpour…which is not conducive to a beach wedding.  However after a couple hours, the weather cleared up, the sun broke through, a rainbow appeared and we got some gorgeous shots of the bride and groom. (Pics will follow later. It’s hard to edit here.)

Unfortunately, we didn’t realize that we were actually “in the bush” over here and wi-fi isn’t in all the cafes like it is in the states.  We will post when we can…and in the meantime, we will leave you with this gorgeous shot of the Great Oyster Bay on the coastline of Swansea, Tasmania.  Yes.  We are here.




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