That was definitely the longest flight I have ever been on.  5+ hours to LAX, a 3 hour layover, then another 14+ hours to Melbourne.  The plane ride wasn’t as bad as I had anticipated.  Each of the seats had its own tv screen and we were able to watch movies or tv on demand.  We watched UNSTOPPABLE and that was excellent!  Also watched the one where the guy cut off his own arm. I will probably have nightmares about that for months.  But my favorite thing was watching the Anne Geddes New Beginnings documentary.  It was interesting to see how she made it so big so early in her career…then she fizzled out and even took another “normal” job.  Then found inspiration in birds nests and decided to create her next book…which is laden with newborns, children, and maternity cover or transformed into flowers and such.   It is so inspiring to hear about other photographers life stories.  Anywho…

We arrive a couple hours ago, checked into our room, got a well needed shower (being on a plane that long just makes your skin crawl), and took in some lunch. We are meeting up with the bride and groom tonite (actually, they pick us up in an hour) and are all going out to dinner somewhere.  Should be LOADS of fun!

Well I am supposed to be posting a pic here, but unfortunately, there isn’t any public wi-fi.  I am actually on an antiquated PC in the business center typing this.  Hopefully we will figure something out soon so I can get some pics to you…not that there is much to see as we have only seen the inside of an airplane and airport so far – lol!  But there is definitely some good stuff to come.  We fly out to Tasmania tomorrow bright and early…and by tomorrow I mean a day and a half ago your time.  Or something like that.  This international time line give me the creeps. lol

ok. im out!



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